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One Degree is for anyone.

For Nonprofit Professionals

  • Quickly find and save your list of referral information.
  • Share opportunities by email and text message.
  • Empower your families by tracking opportunities together.

For Anyone

  • Find and manage opportunities in your community that help you with housing, health, education, employment, and more.
  • Share your experiences and see what others say.
  • Get personalized recommendations.

For Organizations

  • Have us keep your referral information up to date.
  • Stop printing lists and binders -- everything is online and accessible on your desktop, phone and tablet.
  • Empower your staff to communicate with families via email and text message.
Support our work.
(We're a nonprofit.)

One Degree would not exist without the generous support of individual donors and foundations who believe in our vision of ensuring that everyone can find the help they are looking for. We are grateful for their support and would be grateful for yours.